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I was driving to work today listening to the radio when I heard this story come on:

I thought oh ok-a little mix up with wages department-it happens. Then I heard the fines and and back wages were $1.4 MILLION-Whoa that is a lot-could it be that bad. For 37 minimum wage employees? Carl’s Jr. says its $5400 bucks-which sounds closer to me-and had this to say:

Carl’s Jr. released a statement saying that it made an inadvertent payroll error and that all employees have since been paid.

A spokesperson for the burger chain also called the fine unreasonable and unconstitutional because some of the fine would not go to the employees.

Here is the fool at the LA Attorney’s Office Tweet about It:


$1.4 Million in fines-of course the media people can’t do the research and found out how much goes to the city. I’ll make an assumption-let’s say $400k for the 37 –there is no way that will happen-but still-A MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS!!!! for the City of Angels-or is it the City Of ANGLES?

MIKE FEUER you can contact him here:

Is a complete fraud, shakedown artist, ambulance chasing loser who calls himself a lawyer fighting for justice-but what is he really: A Government Gangster.

Then I was reading the news today for my headlines and I saw this:

$30 BILLION Budget for LA City???? No wonder they need to shakedown businesses in the city-they have a huge budget-mostly for pensions and city workers. Don’t believe me:

Here is an ad for electrical distribution tech:;jobs#fpstate=tldetail&htidocid=r2lmaYXszJZEnTEOAAAAAA%3D%3D&htivrt=jobs

Top Pay for journey level $120K!! Plus benefits, pensions, and other fringe. CRAZY MONEY for that-I had to get a Master’s degree in Engineering to get even close in private industry-without the pension.

I was then reading further and saw this:

$2.7 BILLION!!!!!!! In fines for Google? Now I hate the libtards that run Google-they suck like no other-but $2.7 Billion-WTF?

Here is the government gangster excuse:

“What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules. It denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate. And most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of innovation,” EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager told reporters.

When questioned whether there was any bias towards USA companies, the gangster replied:

Vestager said that she has examined statistics concerning antitrust, merger control and state aid decisions and that she “can find no facts to support any kind of bias.”

Sure she did not-of course not-nothing to see here-no bias at all.

Further in the article I saw this:

More broadly, Vestager said, the probe has established that Google is dominant in general Internet search in all 31 countries of the European economic area. This will affect other cases the commission might build against the Internet giant’s various businesses, such as Google Images.

She also noted that regulators are making “good progress” in their other Google probes into Android and search advertising, and that the “preliminary conclusion” is that they breach EU antitrust rules. (Emphasis mine)

OF COURSE GOOGLE IS DOMINANT-IT’S THE MOST DOMINANT SEARCH ENGINE ON EARTH! Shame on you Google for doing so well with your algorithm.

Looks like they will go for more cash as well because after all:

But the penalty is likely to leave a bigger dent in Google’s pride and reputation than its finances. Alphabet has more than $92 billion in cash, including nearly $56 billion in accounts outside of Europe.

See Google-you have more than enough and you are not giving enough-so we need to shake you down.

What is not clear again-because the mediatards are so un-intellectually curious- is how much the EU Government Gangsters get.

Margrethe Vestager is a gangster-pure and simple- wrapped up in the guise of governmental authority- a threat to all people in the world.

Here she is:

What it really should show is:

Why does the EU need to this: Could it be there giant socialist society-could it be all the rapeugees that they have let in, could it be they are just evil? Are there bees collecting pollen from flowers? It is so obvious it’s not even worth mentioning.

Why does LA (and others need to)

Well here might be an answer:

Where the intellectually brain dead libtard mayor of Costa Mesa said:

“The bottom line is that public employees didn’t cause this problem — it was caused by Wall Street bankers who got greedy and we ended up in a recession and the stock market crashed,” said Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley.

That’s right-it’s not employee greed-no it’s banker and wall street greed-got it. They of course wanted to lose billions and billions of dollars in the stock market-that is how wall street types make money-through stock market crashes. Makes perfect sense. Also banks love defaulted loans and huge government gangster fines-that is how they make money-isn’t?

It’s only going to get worse people-in the article it said it was:

unfunded employee pension liabilities that are running up to seven times higher than a decade ago.

Seven times higher! Plus hiring people for huge salaries-plus a lot of companies and people fleeing the state:

This is not good.

Unless there are serious changes-I am just waiting until my kids are through with school- 3 to 4 more years-then I am out too. And invest in California-hell no! For what-high taxes and government gangsters ready to destroy anything you build to support their government soldiers pension trust funds-screw that.

In the end-they will just take more and more-until it either collapses or there is chaos-either way I don’t want to be around for it.

Good luck to those that want to.

What do you think-comment and let me know.


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