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HEADLINE NEWS-06/27/2017

Trump Blasts CNN For Being The Crap It Is

In Completely Transparent Attempt To Attack Syria White House Says Assad Planning Chemical Attack

Another Story Of Fake Syrian Gas Attack Plot/Ploy

Indian Prime Give Trump “BIG HUG”

More Pit Bull Attacks-KILLS 65 Year Old Woman

Google Hit With Large Fine-I Hate Libtard Google-But This Is Government Shakedown BS

INSANE Prisoners Kill 4 Fellow Inmates-WHERE ARE THE GUARDS????

Man Hit By Bus-Then Walks Away

Chimps Are Strong-But Not As Strong As Depicted

Religion Of Peace Guys Have To Be Stopped By Trench Around University In Nigeria

World Food Security Not Good

Three Journalists Quit CNN Over Fake Russia Story

NY Slimes Article On Health Care Bill-GOP Don’t Do It

U2 Bassist Thanks Band For Helping Him Through Addiction

Hulk Hogan And Metallica Having Fun

SCOTUS Sides With Religious Groups-Bezo’s Blog You Know Is Fuming

“AK-47” Bandit Also Had Bombs-There’s A Shocker

Buffett Doing Small Deals When He Can

Large Minimum Wages Hurt Lower End Workers-This Is So Obvious Only A Libtard Thinks Differently

I Guess There Will Be Another Slipknot Album-Which Will Be Violent And Uncomfortable

New TOOL Album Almost Done-11 Years Since Last Album

McGregor Likes Being Underdog-Even If He Loses He Will Make Seriously Good Money

Melting Greenland Ice Sheets Major Cause Of Sea Levels Rising-Zero People Affected By Rising Sea Levels

Pharmacist Gets 9 Years? For Killing 76 People? WTF?

Disgusting Media Uses Children To Show That The Family Should Pay Nothing For Their Sick Child-The Media Is The Lowest Form Of Life On This Planet

Trump Lives Rent Free In All Of Their Heads

BOE Takes Action Against Bad Loans

Africa Guy Wins Agriculture Award

Navy Holds Memorial For 7 Sailors

World Does’nt Like Trump-Ah Shucks


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