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HEADLINE NEWS-06/26/2017

Battle For Mosul-Why Are We There?

Does Bezo’s Blog Ever get Tired Of Trump Bashing?

Kennedy-Please Retire and Then Ginsburg

Complete Hypocrite Bezo-His Blog Is Bashing “Big Business” While He Sets Up Biggest Monopoly On Planet

Man Catches Girl As She Falls From Amusement Park Ride

Boo Hoo-You Tube Chick Found Out Everything Takes Work

Great Barrier Reef Valued At A59 Billion Dollars-I Would Have Thought It Was Priceless

U2 Pays Tribute To Cohen-Not Sure Who He Is

NY Slimes Cannot Stop The Trump Bashing

Crazed Black Libtard Professor Loses Job Over Her Craziness-Blames Others-Hallmark Of Crazy Person

Slime Ball Shkreli Can’t Keep Mouth Shut-Never Heard Of Aesop Fable About Dog With Bell

BET Awards If You Interested-I Wonder What Would Happen If I Started WET Awards? Or The WET Channel-How Would That Be?

Dems Turning On Obama

Gays Have Lost Their Minds And All Sense Of Proportion-Boos Nikki Haley? Trump Has Never Bashed Gays To My Knowledge

Crazed Professor Not Returning To School Over Otto Comments

See China Has A Heart

Guy On The Run For 32 Years

$600 Million Fraud Case With Social Security-Great Big Gov Program

Missing Girl For A Year Found Alive

North Korea Refuses South Korea’s Offer Of Unified Team At Olympics

SpaceX Launches To Rockets In 24 Hours-All That Exhaust Is Really Great For The Environment Right Elon?

Best Advice-Have A Successful Company-DO NOT HIRE WOMEN AT ALL-IT WILL RUIN YOU

Shkreli Has Now Conclusively Proven There Is Such Thing As Bad Press-He Just Does Not Get It-He Better Hope If There Is A Jury Trial That They Have Never Heard Of Him-Otherwise He Is Going Down

Leslie Jones Is Completely Not Funny

Note To Self-Never Ride A Damn Ferry

Sanders Hires Lawyers After Loan Issues

Hey Billy Ray-Do You Have Any Conscience On What You Did To Your Daughter? Sure She Has Money-but, and I Quote “I Just Want To Be Nothing”

Can’t Take The Ghetto Out

Chance The Rapper Says The “Black Community” Needs Justice-How About You Tell Your Fellow “Black Community’ To Stop Shooting, Raping, Robbing, and Destroying Each Other First

Marijuana Based Pills-Of Course Says Pharma


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