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HEADLINE NEWS-06/23/2017

Trump Lives Rent Free In Their Heads

Johnny Depp Needs To Be Investigated For Threats Against The President-STFU Johnny-Don’t You Have A Bottle Of Wine To Drink Or Something?

Hey-How About Free Market Health Insurance?

Russian “Investigation” Is Biggest Scam Of All Time

Trump Lives Rent Free In Their Heads

NK’s “Leader” Likes To Kill People

Cops Kill Kid On Accident As They Try To Shoot Some Dog-WTF Is Wrong With Them?

Trump Lives Rent Free In Their Heads

Trump Lives Rent Free In Bezo’s Blog

Trump Lives Rent Free In Their Heads-Build The WALL NOW

This Is What Happens If You Are Successful, Like Women, And Like To Party-Uber Tale

Bezo’s Blog Relentless Trump Bashing-It’s All They Got

Facebook Wants To Bring World Closer Together-Most Of The World Just Wants Food And Water

Johnny Depp Needs To Be Charged With A Crime-Seriously It Is Time To Make An Example

Ron Howard To Take Over Han Solo

These Things Help Dementia

California Is Nuts

Lamb Born With Deformities Freaks Out Africans

NK Denies Treating Otto Badly-Seriously?

Film Exposes Underground Sex Industry

Reunion Island Having A Lot Of Shark Attacks

Toshiba In Trouble

Michigan Airport Attacker/Douchebag Tried To Buy A Gun

Cancer Blogger Dead At 34-Seemed Lovely

Californians Are Nuts

No Planet 9 So Far

How Eggs Get Their Shape

People In Hollywood and SNL Just Do Not Get It-But Keep It Up And Keep Us In Power For Years To Come

Corey Taylor Wants To Write Something Violent For New Slipknot Album-Were The Other Ones Considered Non-Violent?

Ratt Still Doing It-Got To Give Them Some Props On That

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