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HEADLINE NEWS-06/22/2017

New York Slimes Cannot Stop The Trump Bashing

Trump Wants To Make Sure Immigrants Coming Here Do Not Need Welfare-Its About Time

Crazed Teens Pull Gun On Drive Thru After Not Getting All Their Chicken Nuggets-No Pictures No Description Of Them

Tropical Storm Cindy Hits Land

Congressional Black Caucasians Reject Trump Offer To Visit-They Are So Bitter

Is The Dem Brand Worse Then Trump’s-Is This A Serious Question?

Iowa GOP Guy Rips Sasse-It’s About Time The Guy Is A Douchebag

Seriously-Can The Repubs Just Repeal Obamacare Already Or What-Free Market Health Insurance For F’s Sake

Across Our “Damaged Nation?” Bezo’s Blog Is Insane No Matter What They Talk About-U2 Concert Review

Trump Owns You All-He Lives Rent Free In Your Heads

Bezo’s Blog-Only Nutcases In New York And The Left Coast Are “Progressive” An Entirely Made Up Fake Political Identity

Tips On How To Drink Tequila

Dumb Ass Affirmative Action “Dean” Of Yale Leaving Her Post For Calling People “White Trash.” Personally I don’t Care What People Say-But This Is How The Left Has Operated For Years-Now Its Their Turn

How Touchy Feeley Nutjobs Took An Indian Stretching and Meditation Routine And Turned It Into A Cult

Interesting Article Here-Woman Wants A “White Doctor” For Son

Trying To Make Something Out Of Nothing-Fake News At It Again With Wonder Woman Pay

In Ridiculous News Jay Z Adds Hyphen To Name-Now He Is Jay-Z: Huge Difference

Qatar Wants To Own 10% Of American Airlines

Seriously Bizarre Story Of Woman Killed By Faulty Whipped Cream Dispenser

Harry Says None Of Us Wants To Be King Or Queen-Not Sure That I Blame Them

The Rise Of The Fitness Model-Be Prepared For Endless Women Power Stories Until We Are Forced To Elect A Woman As President

European Rocket

Koalas Are Cool-Please Protect Them Australia-Do Something Already

Trump Wants Wall To Be Solar-He Is Going Green On This One-I don’t Care Either Way Just Build The Damn Wall Already

Afghanistan Is So F’d Up-Bring Home Troops Now

North Korea Sounds Like A Great Place-Not

Pit Bull Owners Need To Be Licensed And Charged With Crimes If They Cannot Control Their Damn Animals

Female Teacher Having Sex With Her Teenage Students-She Looks A Little Off

CNN Is ISIS Has An Actual News Story Of Officer Attacked At Flint Airport

World Population To Hit 9.8 Billion By 2050-Assuming Zero Changes From Now

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