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HEADLINE NEWS-06/21/2017

Another Islamic Bombing Guy “Known” To Police

GOP Wins South Carolina and Georgia Special Elections

Bezo’s Blog Really Unhappy About GOP Wins Last Night

Uber FOUNDER Gets Ousted-This Is What A Company Shake Down Looks Like

HuffPo Founder Arianna Now A Star Of Uber? Did Nothing For The Company

Read This Article-Buried In There Is A Woman Bitching About Working At Uber-Which Was The Catalyst

Saudi King Replaces Nephew With Son As Heir-In Other News Water Is Wet

NBC News Fear Mongering With Tropical Storm-Anything For A Headline

Gowdy Slams Dems Over Russia Nonsense

Crowd Chants Trump After Handel Thanks Him-Dems Still Have’nt Figured It Out?

Rand Paul On To Something Here I Think-Saudi Arms Deal Stinks

Ossoff Does’nt Even Live In The District-Dems Can’t Figure This Out?

Prince Phillip Hospitalized-Heart Condition

Weird Cop Shooting-Cop Was Not White Shooting Victim Black-Blows Up That Narrative

The Bots Are Coming-You Cannot Think For Yourself-The Bots Are Everywhere

Hong Kong’s Lam-No Puppet Of Beijing

Ford Moves Focus Production To China

Linkin Park At Hellfest

Whole Foods And Amazon Deal Makes Whole Foods CEO Happy-I Wonder Why

Tesla Hires AI Guru For Autopilot Car

Mobb Depp Rapper Dead At 42-Sickle Cell Complication

Daniel Day Lewis To Retire From Acting

Han Solo Spinoff Loses Director-They Will Find Another One I Predict

Former NFL Lineman Admits He Is Gay-And?

Hawking Says We Are Overdue To Visit Moon Again-Did We Really Visit First Time?

HuffPo Fear Mongering With Heat Waves-It Is Always A Hundred Years From Now-When No One Alive Now Will Be Then

Solar Eclipse In August

It’s International Yoga Day-Yayyy!

Pro-ISIS Dirtbags Hold Kids Hostage In School

Provident Shares Drop 19%

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