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HEADLINE NEWS-06/20/2017

How The Hell Did A Cargo Ship Hit A Destroyer?

I’d Travel To North Korea-NOT!

Douchebag Ossoff Bars Free Beacon From Event-Brave Man That He Is

I’m Really Surprised This Is Not Already Allowed

Australia Suspends It’s Air Operations In Syria

Georgia Race For A Representative-Yes You Read That Right-Votes Today

Demi Lovato Is Hot AF

Trump “Condemns” North Korea-I think He Should Blow Them Up

Sub-Human Charged With Beating Infant Daughter

Police Seeking Info On 4 People Perhaps Connected To The Killing Of Family Of 8

Black Bears Go Wild In Alaska-Kill 2

Shiff In Picture That Looks Like A Deer In The Headlights Has NOTHING

Blade Runner 2049-Director Is Worried It Is Not Good-Bad Sign

Barclays Charged With Fraud In Dealings With Qatar

South Sudan Super Model-Sudan Still Sucks

To Hot To Fly?

Russian Jet Comes Within 5 Feet Of US Recon Jet

Lynyrd Skyner Should Just Be Happy Anyone Cares At All Anymore

Polls-Can Be Made To Say Whatever You Want Them To Say

Galileo Faces Brexit Crunch

Indians Go Insane Over Cricket

US Spends $90 Billion A Year On Obsolete IT

Boeing Launches New Jet

Apple And Qualcomm Suing In Court

Antifa Is A Terrorist Organization-Controlled Opposition? Where Is The FBI?

Metallica Tour-Not Totally Sure I Care At All

SXSW Idiots Don’t Know The Difference Between Legal Immigrants and Illegal Aliens-Because They Are Stupid AF

Completely Unnecessary Remake Of A Movie That Was Not That Great In The First Place-And I Love Clint

Miley Cyrus Really Is An Idiot

Uber Driver Fined For Not Speaking English-Good

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