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There are rules of life I like to live by-I call them the number one rules of life. Literal morons will say “how can there be multiple number one rules?” Obviously, there cannot be-if you take everything literally. These are just important rules to live by and that is what I call them-don’t like? I guess you know what to do-don’t read them.


1. Never put yourself down-there are plenty out there who are willing to do that for you.

1. Never-ever kill yourself-this is America jack-things can always get better-period. If you don’t think so-move to Africa or somewhere like that and try that out.

1. Always trust yourself-always.

1. Trust nothing else but the steel.

1. Always continuously improve yourself-physically, mentally, and Spirituality.

1. It’s OK to indulge-but stay lean and muscular for your entire life by eating right and working out.

1. Live without fear and love without doubt.

1. Know how to defend yourself and those that you love.

1. Learn everything you can about everything you can.

1. It’s OK to indulge-but don’t be a womanizer.


Here are the first ten of my number one rules of life. I live by them and they have served me well for my entire life. Try them and see how they serve you in your life.


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