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HEADLINE NEWS-12/05/2017

Fast Moving Fire In Los Angeles County FBI Issues 4,000 Gun Retrieval Orders Mueller Really Needs To Be Fired At This Point-Way Beyond The Pale Making Jerusalem The Capital Would Be Problematic For Muslims The Most Ridiculous Accusation Yet-This Is Getting Out Of Hand Trump’s Lawyer Is Triggering People Bigly You Know When You Have Hit Bottom How New Yorker’s Should Lose Under The Tax Bill City Lab Cannot Use Logic- Conyers Done Supreme Court Allows Travel Ban Saudis And Yemen Still Fighting Completely Fake Conjecture By The “Special Prosecutors”…

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HEADLINE NEWS-12/04/2017

More Much Ado About Nothing Cadillac Tax Needs To Go Bye-Bye FBI Agent Is Anti-Trump Why Trump Should Fear The Logan Act-But Obama Should Not? CVS To Buy Aetna For $69 Billion Panama Papers Chick Was Blown Up-Wonder Why This Guy Sounds Like A Nut Case And A Molester The Estate Tax Needs To Go Justice Department Offers Up Key Witness 4 Year Old Found In Pond Yemen In Trouble 3 Year Old Missing Girl Body Found Golden Krust CEO Kills Self CONmey Can Eat It Trump To Reduce-Not Eliminate…

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