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Monologue: Nationalism Tonight I want to get some things straight right off the bat. I am not a “Nazi,” a “white nationalist,” a “fascist,” nor am I “alt-right”. I do not know anyone in those organizations, and would not associate myself with those people. However, I am a nationalist-and I am also white. What is a nationalist? From Wikipedia: “Nationalism is a range of political, social, and economic systems characterized by promoting the interests of a particular nation, particularly with the aim of gaining and maintaining self-governance, or full sovereignty,…

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Monologue:  Punching Right Last Week I mentioned both Mike Cernovich and John and Ken at 640 KFI as good information for those on the right, new right, alt-lite, conservative, whatever; about some of the topics I was talking about. I was praising them for the good work they do or the information they turned me onto. Some have been asking me “Hey Ronnie Evil-why do you throw out other people’s names-why are you trying to give them more publicity and not yourself publicity?” “There are others in this industry that…

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Monologue: Swamp Strikes Back Ep. 118 The swamp Strikes Back. It is incredible what is happening. We are in the process of witnessing a soft coup against Trump. Why? Because he wants to truly make things better in government. Not for the globalists, not for the swamp creatures, not for the left wing media chattering class and their left wing lunatic base, not for illegal aliens, not for gang members, not for hard core druggies and their dealers, not for illegal gun violators, and not for the elected “congress.” No,…

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