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CALIFORNIA TAX BASTARDS By Ronnie Evil As promised here the tax bastards that helped Gov. Jerry “Crazy Man” Brown pass an additional gas tax onto California. Senator Tom Berryhill (R-Modesto) Assemblywoman Catharine Baker (R-Walnut Creek) Assemblyman Rocky Chavez (R-Oceanside) Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) Assemblyman Heath Flora (R-Modesto) Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley) Assemblyman Marc Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga) DO NOT THREATEN THEM WITH ANY VIOLENCE WHATSOEVER!!!!! However, you DO NOT have to be polite and…

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What the hell is going on in America? I know it has been bad before-but things are getting out-of-hand. Day after day when doing the headline news I am seeing crazier and crazier stories of depravity. Here is an example: Couple beats restaurant owner, her teen daughter over fast food order   Here a man and a woman beat a restaurant owner and her daughter because they said the chicken was cold and the fries were not enough! Here is the happy couple here: Here are the people they beat: Police…

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I was driving to work today listening to the radio when I heard this story come on: I thought oh ok-a little mix up with wages department-it happens. Then I heard the fines and and back wages were $1.4 MILLION-Whoa that is a lot-could it be that bad. For 37 minimum wage employees? Carl’s Jr. says its $5400 bucks-which sounds closer to me-and had this to say: Carl’s Jr. released a statement saying that it made an inadvertent payroll error and that all employees have since been paid. A…

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